A live-in caregiver might be a more appropriate option for you if you are needing assistance for most of the day.

Live-in care affords you the care that you need, with peace of mind that someone is there, round the clock. No worrying about multiple caregivers coming in and out of your home, or how or if your caregiver will make it to you in bad weather.


Live-in FAQs

  • The caregiver must be provided a private and comfortable place to sleep, as well as access to a full bathroom.

  • Caregiver should be able to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. If the client wakes at night, the caregiver is expected to assist. (If client is continuously waking more than 3 times per night, the case may be reassessed as live-in may no longer be the best option.)

  • Caregiver is responsible for their own toiletries for their entire stay

  • Caregiver is responsible for maintaining the home on a daily basis.

  • Caregiver shift is 24 hours, however the caregiver is not expected to work the entire 24 hours of their shift each day.

  • The caregiver is allowed breaks during client downtime, and/or whenever client needs are met. The caregiver may leave the client/home during this time, if agreed upon by the client/responsible party.

  • Caregiver is accessible at all times during the day when on their shift.

  • Meals are provided by the client/family. If the caregiver has something specific they like or something different from what the client normally eats, then the caregiver is responsible for purchasing this food themselves.

  • If caregiver is responsible for grocery shopping, grocery gift cards must be present for the caregiver to use, and receipts must be kept in a safe place in the home.